Homework Policy
Homework is very important for teaching and learning as it is a meeting point between school and home. It serves as a bridge between teachers and parents to extend the learning cycle. 
Moreover, it is part of a continuous learning process to consolidate skills and enthuse learners to expand their thinking proficiency. 
Homework assignments may tap on various intelligences and learning styles. Some homework tasks may be assigned digitally.


  • Homework should not be punitive in nature.
  • The time for homework varies from 60 mins to 90 mins.
  • Homework, along with worksheets, quizzes, tests and projects, provides an overall picture of a student’s progress, development and performance.
  • Homework is part of students’ performance-based assessment. Teachers provide adequate feedback/correction of students’ work to maximize learning.
  • Parents are notified about homework through the school’s communication applications or homework records.